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Mar 23, 2009

Redhead #2 - My giant carrot top afro

Lauren Selig, a pregnant REDHEAD, is the imaginative woman behind the book “Little LaLa”. She is a highly successful business woman and entrepreneaur with close ties to the Seattle Business Community. She lives in Seattle with her husband, Kyril, and their two daughters. Not only is Lauren a redhead but Little LaLa is a precocious red head, too.

Anne met Lauren as a client who wanted photographs of her adorable family. Anne told Lauren about her book “Redheads and More Redheads” and requested she be a part of her book in her pregnant state. Lauren came back to Anne’s studio about 3 months later and we photographed her as a beautiful redheaded mother with child. We thought it would be funny if she had the baby the next day. Our joke turned out to be a prophecy. Surprise! Lauren had her baby the next day!


Lauren: My funny redhead story started when I was made fun of as a kid because I had red hair and so many freckles. Because of the teasing, I thought I wanted to turn my hair blonde. I wanted to have curly, big beautiful blonde hair. So, what do you do in 80’s when you wanted truly big beautiful blonde hair? You went and got a perm! My mother agreed to let me get a perm. After I got the perm, the nice man told me “Don’t go out in the rain for couple of days after your perm”. I told him “Okay!”

I thought, well, this is Seattle, of course, we have no rain. I can do that! Well, my family went to Vancouver, B. C. for Expo 86 and it was pouring rain. Of course, I went out in the rain which turned my lovely new perm into a giant carrot top afro and I had huge red hair everywhere! I thought if it was going to be this big and all over the place, I may as well turn it blonde. Just to make it a little bit worse. My parents wouldn't give me any dye for my hair. I didn't know how to do it otherwise. Thank God I didn't find any bleach. But, I did find dozens and dozens of lemons. I decided I would just squeeze the lemons and dunk my head into big bowls of lemon juice. After dunking my head, I used a hair dryer and stood out in the little bit of sun we have here in Seattle to turn my hair blonde! It made my hair into a giant mass of red blonde afro hair. I was horrified. (laughter) I decided not to change it ever since. So now, I LOVE my red hair and I'm hoping it never turns gray. That’s my crazy redhead story.
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