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Mar 8, 2009

REDHEAD #1 - How I hated the nicknames

Fran Fisher, a REDHEAD, is recognized as a highly experienced executive coach, a pioneer and visionary leader in her field, an international speaker, and published author. (www.franfisher-coach.com) . Not only that, she’s a ginger with an attitude. Fran and Anne met at a woman’s luncheon where Anne was introduced to a bevy of professional women business owners as the photographer who wears one black shoe and one white shoe. (More about that later) Everyone laughed.

On a lookout for redheads, Anne called Fran a few weeks later to become a player in Anne’s Redheads and More Redheads book project. Fran was delighted to join Anne’s collection of Redheads.

Each redhead participant is photographed and interviewed. The following is a snippet from the interview and one of Fran’s photos from the shoot.


Anne: Were you ever teased when you were young?

Fran: Oh, unmercifully! Oh, my goodness yes! Oh, nicknames, Pinky, Red, Spots and the latest one was Gingy, which was new for me! That was from an Israeli man. I'd never heard that before.

Anne: Were there any other nick names?

Fran: Yep, there was carrot top, redheaded rooster and redheaded woodpecker. Those were prevalent in my elementary school days in second and third grade. Spots, referred to the freckles. Those were the big ones.

You know, Anne, I was thinking about this and my first recollection was how I hated the nicknames. They hurt my feelings but I realized there's actually some truth underneath the names. I pretended that I hated it. The truth was I couldn't admit to anyone and even to myself. I loved getting the attention, you know!

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  1. Anne, your interview sure did stir up old memories for me! And the photo shoot was very fun. It's the first time in my life I enjoyed the process. Typically I felt stilted and stiff and literally emotionally abandoned by the photographer, but YOU, made it so easy and fun. It has been a delightful experience. All my best to you on this project. I can't wait until I can show the book to my friends. THANKS!~ Fran

  2. I am trying to think of a cute nick name for myself. I had true strawberry blonde red hair, any suggestions. I am 50 years old ;-)

  3. I am a redhead, more a redhead/blond, born with a mix that got darker. My friend's call me ginger kid, carrot top, all sorts, but we mess around with it, it's actually really fun trying to come up with different name's!

  4. when I was a kid I had red hair,freckles and braces so I got all the attention that I did not want.

  5. does 2 red heads make a red head baby??

  6. i am a red head and always will be. Throughout my years at school, i am been called loads of nicknames... some of them are mean and some are nice. I have Curly red hair, freckles, green eyes and very red lips, all the boys used to tease me but now they all like me...

    My teacher always says how much i am like a devil, with my red hair, i am outgoing and love to speak up in class, although i sometimes get in trouble... :P i love the way i am different and i never listen to all the mean things people say to me like i'm dumb and that red heads are ugly but all that i know is that red heads are the most beautiful, unique people,