Beautiful Redheads. Creating a book about Redheads has been an amazing adventure. We are producing stunning photographs of redheads of all ages and are interviewing all our participants about their lives as redheads. Our redheads must be red from birth. But, if you are 89 and grey, we invite you to participate. Once a redhead, always a redhead! We are looking for funny, intriguing and mystifying redhead stories and looking for redheads to photograph. Be a part of the book.

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Apr 8, 2009

Red Friend Story #3: My spunky and spirited little redheaded girl
My little three year old red head is not old enough to tell her story. I can’t wait until the day that she can. She is my spunky and spirited little redheaded girl. Everywhere I take her people stop us and talk about her red hair. I have a feeling she is going to have a love-hate relationship with that fiery hair on her crown. She likes it now and is starting to realize that it is something that makes her special. Just the other day, she said, "Mommy everybody likes my red-hair". I said “Yes, my darling girl they do!” I am going to ask her a few questions about her hair and see what she has to say.

Karla: What do you think about your hair?
Ava: "It is pretty"
Karla: What makes your hair special?
Ava: (with much prodding from her big brothers) “Not, much people have it."
Karla: Who is your favorite red-head?
Ava: "Meeee!!!, and Daddy and Aerial."

About the Author:
Location: Vandalia, Ohio

I’m Karla and am a 32 year old stay at home mom. I have three boys and one spunky red headed girl. I’ve been at home with the kids for 13 years which is not the most glamorous job but the rewards have been limitless. I’ve lived in Vandalia, Ohio my whole life. It is where my family is located and where we play in the pool or hang out on the ball fields. I love spending time with my kids, working out and staying fit. I believe the best part of life is being together with the ones you love.

Note from Anne: Thank you Karla and Ava for being Red Friends.
(c) 2009 Anne Lindsay All rights reserved.

Apr 6, 2009

Redhead #4 – And then the Triplets came along

My search for redheads has taken many turns. When I first started hunting redheads, my referrals were word of mouth. Don’t you love that saying…word of mouth! In any case, I found out about Katy when her mom emailed me describing her four children. She was good friends of a redhead I had just put on my calendar for photos. Lisa’s family included herself, her redheaded husband, Katie and THE TRIPLETS. Katy is the oldest child by two years, and then the TRIPLETS came along. Amazingly enough the only boy triplet…Carson…is also a redhead. Lisa decided that it would be fun to be a part of the Redhead and More Redheads project and set up their photo session.

A few days after having set up the session, I saw a herd of kids in our local grocery store with a dark haired mom driving her cart through the produce section. I zoomed in on the redheads in the group and asked the MOM, if the redheads were hers. She told me that they were not hers, they belonged to a friend. Wide eyed, Katy told me that she knew about my book project and that her mom had already signed up for a photo session and interview. Glancing over the group, I noticed Carson, her brother, with 10 tooth picks taken from a sample dish stuck between all of his front teeth. He was a monster growling and displaying his thorny mouth. My next thought was GREAT a comic for the book. Katy was the informed older sister and Carson was the nutty younger brother.

Interview Snippet #3

Katy is an adorable, 10 year old strawberry blonde. There are three redheads in her family. Her father, her younger brother and herself. Katy’s mom explained that Katy and Carson get along very well and she attributes it to the fact they both have red hair. During the interview, Katy told Anne that the family had discussed the issue that redheads are going to go extinct. She seemed very worried about it.

Fortunately, Anne was able to dispel this myth for Katy’s family. The myth that redheads are going extinct is false. Fortunately, research shows that Redheads are a minority but are not going extinct.

Unlike other redheads, Katy did not have any redhead stories or had ever had a redhead nick name. The only nick name given to her was by her redheaded brother and it was nincompoop. In retaliation, she calls him a ”fiery building carrot top”. We all have crazy names given to us by our siblings. Fortunately, Katy’s nick name does not include a rude or silly redhead slur.

(c) 2009 Anne Lindsay All rights reserved.

Apr 4, 2009

Red Friend Story #2: My snout is a warm glowing auburn

Goody Beagle here. My human says I am a partial-redhead because my shoulders and my ears and most of my snout are a warm glowing auburn, which is just another word for red. I guess I’ll have to take her word for it, because I am a dog and like all dogs I don’t do colors.

Maybe you feel sorry for us dogs because we can’t see colors. Don’t be. We are the ones who feel sorry for you because you can’t do smells.

I think colors and smells might be the same thing anyway. What you call black dogs have a spicy, in-your-face smell, and what you call brown dogs have an earthy, hole-digging smell. White dogs have a smell like seagulls on the beach. All good smells. But redhead dogs – now there’s the best smell of all. Dogs like me, from the tri-color Beagle clan, and dogs from the Irish Setter clan, and even dogs from the rust-colored Pekinese clan – we have a richer, deeper, more satisfying smell – a smell that says “this is an interesting creature and you should give it a cookie so it will stay around a long time.”

Then we will give you a nice face lick and be your friend for always.

About the Author:

Location: Bellevue, Washington
Kim Pearson is the author of five books, including Dog Park Diary: the Social Round of Goody Beagle, and a ghostwriter of more than thirty non-fiction books. Dog Park Diary is the first she has ghostwritten for a dog. For more about Dog Park Diary, visit

http://www.dogparkdiary.net/, and for more about Kim’s ghostwriting services, visit http://www.primary-sources.com/.
Photography of Goodie and Kim & Goody: © 2007 Anne Lindsay. All rights reserved.

Apr 1, 2009

Redhead #3 – My mom ate mandarin oranges

Fiona is an amazing redheaded artist and writer who draws every waking moment in the day. She is the talent behind Yanicaru. Some of her characters have included Fors, Voiden and Tierany. She’s been drawing since she was 3 with chopsticks on the rug. Her family had to walk around her creations until someone would use their foot like an eraser. She would go to another spot in the living room and start a new drawing. She now draws with a blue bamboo wacom tablet and a MacBook Pro . Easier on the family and her images and stories are more permanent.

Fiona saw the birth of Redheads and More Redheads because she is Anne’s daughter. In fact, one might say, Fiona was one of the reasons why the book project came into being. Fiona was a redhead, because….


Anne: Fiona tell me your favorite redhead story.

Fiona: M O M! You know which one it is. Why do I have to tell you?

Anne: Because.

Fiona: (rolling eyes) Okay! Mom and Dad really really wanted to start a family and went through a lot to have a baby. In fact it took 5 years and a lot of science. Right?

Anne: That’s right sweetie!

Fiona: Anyway, mom was seven months pregnant when Christmas season rolled around. As with many pregnant moms, she had a food craving. She could not get enough mandarin oranges. She ate crates of them over the holiday season and beyond. It was mandarin oranges, right?

Anne: That’s right.

Fiona: To go on. When I was really little, Mom and Dad told me that the only reason why I had “orange” hair was because Mom ate all those madrian oranges. Of course, I also believed in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, too. When people would come up to me and say I had really pretty red hair. I would look them at them with an incredulous look on my face and announce “NO! I don’t have red hair, I have orange hair!” Straight, orange hair. Forget about genetics, my orange hair came from an over abundance of mandarins in my mom’s diet. Okay, am I done?

Anne: Yep, thanks honey.

(c) 2009 Anne Lindsay

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