Beautiful Redheads. Creating a book about Redheads has been an amazing adventure. We are producing stunning photographs of redheads of all ages and are interviewing all our participants about their lives as redheads. Our redheads must be red from birth. But, if you are 89 and grey, we invite you to participate. Once a redhead, always a redhead! We are looking for funny, intriguing and mystifying redhead stories and looking for redheads to photograph. Be a part of the book.

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Mar 26, 2010

Redhead #6 - I got my red hair from my Grandma!

It seems that when you are a little redhead, adults like to comment on your hair. Actually it happens at almost any age. When Maren was little, people would ask her “Where did you get your red hair?” Needless to say, you ask any child that question; the answer will be spontaneous and off the cuff.
Maren would thank that questioner or she would reply that “I got it from my Grandma!” Usually parents help their little red locks with an answer. It makes it easier for the child to answer such a tough and persistent question. Some little redheads like Maren, are perturbed being called “Redhead”. That is such a silly designation. Don’t you know, “I have orange hair”? In fact, that is the name Maren's friends call her “My orange head friend”.
Maren also reported she was called “Carrot top” in the second grade. She was perplexed at that name at that time in her life. At 12, she said she’d look at the questioner and proclaim, “Carrot tops are Green”.
So if you meet a person with red hair, don’t bother asking those silly questions or call these very insult attuned individual s these dumb names. They’ve heard it more times than you can imagine.

Mar 22, 2010

Redheads #5 - What shall we name our redheaded child

Claire and Karl are our two little redheads of the week. The following is one of their redhead stories.

The children’s parents were rather surprised to have one redhead and even more surprised to have two redheads. Many parents are stumped when having to name their redheaded children especially when they are unexpected.

The children’s parent's went to the hospital to deliver their first baby and while in labor they watched Breakfast Club starring redhead Molly Ringwald. The main character’s name was Claire. When the unexpected redheaded baby was shown to her parents, they decided to name her Claire. A fitting name for their new baby girl.

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Mar 20, 2010


Hello Redheads.

I'm Anne Lindsay and I've been very busy this past year. Redheads and More Redheads...a book in progress has expanded to 65 glorious redheads who have been photographed and interviewed. I've cut my hair, gone to the Redhead RoundUp Festival in Lincoln City, Oregon and just became friends with 250 more redheads in the Seattle area. My many thanks to KOMO News Radio, KJR FM and the Sammamish Review. You guys rock!
I am one lucky person.

We will be posting two new Redheads per week. Our hopes are you will come back from time to time to see our new Redheads and Redfriends.

If you are not a red head or you are a redhead who does not live in the Pacific Northwest, you can become a Redfriend. All you have to do is send us a high quality and wonderful jpeg of you, your redheaded child, and your redheaded best friend and then tell me your redhead story.

Because of our amazing pr success lately, I am also hunting for a book agent and of course a publisher. Once again, I've been doing my research, calling my author friends and reading how to books on publishing. I realize that publishing has changed more this year than the past 50 years. I'm calling agents who specialize in specialty and art books who want an amazing photographer/author for their next client!

We are still looking for additional redheads to be photographed for the book. Contact us at http://www.redheadsandmoreredheads.com/

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