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Mar 16, 2009

The Hunting of the Redhead - Chapter 1

"Just the place for a Redhead! the photographer cried,

As she set her camera with care;

Moving each subject in front of the lens

By her finger entwined in their hair”. *

“I’m goin’ redheadin’” I call out to my husband, as I leave the house, camera in hand. “ I need another redhead for the book” There are many times I’ve gone on an expedition and come up short. I will lament that I need more creative places to go to find the illusive redhead.

No matter where I go, I always keep my eyes peeled for the strawberry blonde to the auburn man, woman or child to add to my collection of amazing characters I have been collecting for my redhead book. I’ve found them in the grocery store, at the Cirque du Sol, at the symphony, on the ferry, on the web and on the streets downtown Seattle. When I find one, I’ll assess whether they are in a hurry. If they seem to be sauntering along, I pounce. Having watched me in action, my daughter usually laughs and rolls her eyes. She says that it’s amazing to watch me “pop my card”.

I’m always pawing through my bag trying to find my redhead business cards. Relieved that I finally find the last card in the front zippered pocket of the bag, I extract one and hold it in waiting.

My modus operandi is to scan an area and look for the tinge of orange amongst a crowd. When I find one, I move in closer , wait and watch patiently. If the subject isn’t busy, I make sure they are a redhead then move in for the “shot” in a slow but stealth manner. I slip in front of them and look them straight in eyes, smile and say Hi, I’m Anne Lindsay and I’m a professional photographer”. They usually look a little befuddled that a perfect stranger has stopped them in their tracks. My next question is always “Is your hair naturally red?” If they are a natural redhead, they usually beam or their freckled faces turn crimson. At that point, they usually ask why I’ve stopped them. I say “I’m working on a book about redheads”. At that point, I have them hooked. Actually, at that point, they have me hooked. Another redhead for my photographic collection.

(c) 2009 Anne Lindsay
*Poem modified from Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll.
The Hunting of the Redhead - Chapter 1

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