Beautiful Redheads. Creating a book about Redheads has been an amazing adventure. We are producing stunning photographs of redheads of all ages and are interviewing all our participants about their lives as redheads. Our redheads must be red from birth. But, if you are 89 and grey, we invite you to participate. Once a redhead, always a redhead! We are looking for funny, intriguing and mystifying redhead stories and looking for redheads to photograph. Be a part of the book.

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We are also inviting RED FRIENDS to submit your own redhead story. See our Red Friends Story Instructions and Sample below. Can't wait to hear from you.

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Feb 27, 2009

REDHEADS, our first post


REDHEADS have been characterized as mavericks, beauties, fiery spirits, and rarities. Redheads have been the inspiration of historians, authors, poets, artists, and filmmakers. Less flatteringly, they have been saddled with nicknames like Carrot Top, Firebox, Big Red, Little Red, Fire Truck, Red, Matchstick, Rusty, Woody Woodpecker, Bozo, and more.

It is time for redheads to unite! If you have hair that is red, auburn, chestnut, ginger, cinnamon, or strawberry blond, with or without freckles, then you have come to the right place. If you are a unique redhead from Jamaica, Vietnam, Africa, or India, you’re welcome here too. We are especially looking for you! Even if you now have blonde hair, brown hair, or no hair, as long as you were at one point a redhead, we’re still looking for you.

Anne is working on her new book Redheads and More Redheads. It will contain beautiful images of authentic redheads and their stories - how their redheadedness has affected their lives. Whether funny or sad, our stories should be heard.

Anne comes by her fascination with redheads naturally. A redhead herself, Anne's daughter is also a redhead, and Anne’s husband was strawberry blonde as a child and young adult. Her Grandma Flossy had beautiful red hair into her 80's.

Follow Anne's progress on her book on this BLOG. You will see new redheads every month and a snippet of their stories.
If you are a redhead, let us know. If you want to be a part of our book, really let us know. Our studio is outside of Seattle. Hope to hear from redheads and friends of redheads alike!