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Apr 6, 2009

Redhead #4 – And then the Triplets came along

My search for redheads has taken many turns. When I first started hunting redheads, my referrals were word of mouth. Don’t you love that saying…word of mouth! In any case, I found out about Katy when her mom emailed me describing her four children. She was good friends of a redhead I had just put on my calendar for photos. Lisa’s family included herself, her redheaded husband, Katie and THE TRIPLETS. Katy is the oldest child by two years, and then the TRIPLETS came along. Amazingly enough the only boy triplet…Carson…is also a redhead. Lisa decided that it would be fun to be a part of the Redhead and More Redheads project and set up their photo session.

A few days after having set up the session, I saw a herd of kids in our local grocery store with a dark haired mom driving her cart through the produce section. I zoomed in on the redheads in the group and asked the MOM, if the redheads were hers. She told me that they were not hers, they belonged to a friend. Wide eyed, Katy told me that she knew about my book project and that her mom had already signed up for a photo session and interview. Glancing over the group, I noticed Carson, her brother, with 10 tooth picks taken from a sample dish stuck between all of his front teeth. He was a monster growling and displaying his thorny mouth. My next thought was GREAT a comic for the book. Katy was the informed older sister and Carson was the nutty younger brother.

Interview Snippet #3

Katy is an adorable, 10 year old strawberry blonde. There are three redheads in her family. Her father, her younger brother and herself. Katy’s mom explained that Katy and Carson get along very well and she attributes it to the fact they both have red hair. During the interview, Katy told Anne that the family had discussed the issue that redheads are going to go extinct. She seemed very worried about it.

Fortunately, Anne was able to dispel this myth for Katy’s family. The myth that redheads are going extinct is false. Fortunately, research shows that Redheads are a minority but are not going extinct.

Unlike other redheads, Katy did not have any redhead stories or had ever had a redhead nick name. The only nick name given to her was by her redheaded brother and it was nincompoop. In retaliation, she calls him a ”fiery building carrot top”. We all have crazy names given to us by our siblings. Fortunately, Katy’s nick name does not include a rude or silly redhead slur.

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  1. It's too bad that I live in Michigan. My entire family has redhair. From my Papa (no white, though) to my Dad, Aunt and and Uncle, my 2 sisters, brother and I. My girls have rich red highlights and others call them red, but I guess since the rest of the family has such dark red hair I don't really consider their's red. We would love to be in a book. All of our lives people would stop and stare at us if we were all together. If you're ever in the Detriot area, please look us up!