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Apr 1, 2009

Redhead #3 – My mom ate mandarin oranges

Fiona is an amazing redheaded artist and writer who draws every waking moment in the day. She is the talent behind Yanicaru. Some of her characters have included Fors, Voiden and Tierany. She’s been drawing since she was 3 with chopsticks on the rug. Her family had to walk around her creations until someone would use their foot like an eraser. She would go to another spot in the living room and start a new drawing. She now draws with a blue bamboo wacom tablet and a MacBook Pro . Easier on the family and her images and stories are more permanent.

Fiona saw the birth of Redheads and More Redheads because she is Anne’s daughter. In fact, one might say, Fiona was one of the reasons why the book project came into being. Fiona was a redhead, because….


Anne: Fiona tell me your favorite redhead story.

Fiona: M O M! You know which one it is. Why do I have to tell you?

Anne: Because.

Fiona: (rolling eyes) Okay! Mom and Dad really really wanted to start a family and went through a lot to have a baby. In fact it took 5 years and a lot of science. Right?

Anne: That’s right sweetie!

Fiona: Anyway, mom was seven months pregnant when Christmas season rolled around. As with many pregnant moms, she had a food craving. She could not get enough mandarin oranges. She ate crates of them over the holiday season and beyond. It was mandarin oranges, right?

Anne: That’s right.

Fiona: To go on. When I was really little, Mom and Dad told me that the only reason why I had “orange” hair was because Mom ate all those madrian oranges. Of course, I also believed in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, too. When people would come up to me and say I had really pretty red hair. I would look them at them with an incredulous look on my face and announce “NO! I don’t have red hair, I have orange hair!” Straight, orange hair. Forget about genetics, my orange hair came from an over abundance of mandarins in my mom’s diet. Okay, am I done?

Anne: Yep, thanks honey.

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  1. I am a red head and so is my daughter. As a child growing up, I swore I was adopted because my parents and my younger brother all had brown hair. But I was told that my great-great grandfather on both sides had red hair. Now the story of my daughter is funny. I had a son from a previous marriage who was labeled a dirty dishwater blonde, but in the sun light you could see hues of red, plus he had a red patch on the right side of his hair. Well my fiance and I had a son together was was as blonde as blonde can be (how a darker blonde). Well my fiance has brown hair and as I said I have red. Well we were pregnant again and I told him if we had a red head with either green or brown eyes (mine are blue, his brown) we could stop having children. Well wouldn't you know it , our daughter comes out and he is saying she has red hair. I was like whatever, that is blood. Sure enough as they are cleaning her off, their was this fuzzy red hair and she came out with brown eyes. She is my everything! I hated being a red head when I was younger, but now realize how lucky I was as my red hair gets darker! I just hope my daughter continues to love her red hair, because it is rare and beautiful!