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Apr 8, 2009

Red Friend Story #3: My spunky and spirited little redheaded girl
My little three year old red head is not old enough to tell her story. I can’t wait until the day that she can. She is my spunky and spirited little redheaded girl. Everywhere I take her people stop us and talk about her red hair. I have a feeling she is going to have a love-hate relationship with that fiery hair on her crown. She likes it now and is starting to realize that it is something that makes her special. Just the other day, she said, "Mommy everybody likes my red-hair". I said “Yes, my darling girl they do!” I am going to ask her a few questions about her hair and see what she has to say.

Karla: What do you think about your hair?
Ava: "It is pretty"
Karla: What makes your hair special?
Ava: (with much prodding from her big brothers) “Not, much people have it."
Karla: Who is your favorite red-head?
Ava: "Meeee!!!, and Daddy and Aerial."

About the Author:
Location: Vandalia, Ohio

I’m Karla and am a 32 year old stay at home mom. I have three boys and one spunky red headed girl. I’ve been at home with the kids for 13 years which is not the most glamorous job but the rewards have been limitless. I’ve lived in Vandalia, Ohio my whole life. It is where my family is located and where we play in the pool or hang out on the ball fields. I love spending time with my kids, working out and staying fit. I believe the best part of life is being together with the ones you love.

Note from Anne: Thank you Karla and Ava for being Red Friends.
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  1. Wow I think I can relate a lot to that story. we are also from Vandalia, Ohio. Small world!