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Apr 10, 2010

Redhead #8 The Doctor said "We've not seen this in a long time."

Mathew is a catches catch can kind of a kid. When I was on the delivery table, I was just happy to be having him. But what I didn’t expect was what the doctor told us. “Wow, we’ve not seen this in a long time. If I didn’t pull him out of you, I wouldn’t think he was yours." It was awesome because he had a full mane of red hair. He looked like a doll. He did. He was a beautiful baby.

We love the attention we get when we take Mathew out in public. People are always coming up to us asking where he got his red hair. I am from Panama, Latin America and I was born and raised there. My dad and mom were both born and raised there, too. There is a mix between black, Native American and then there is Irish and Spanish. My grandmother looked almost Philippine and my dad looks Indian from India. Yet, my aunt is a redhead with brown and red mixed together. So, we really have a mixed family. There are blondes, dark hair and black eyes and dark skin. From my mom’s side of the family, they are all Spanish. My grandfather was very tall and blonde with blue eyes. My grandmother was very short and dark Spaniard.

So obviously, you don’t need two redheads to come up with a redhead.

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  1. What a lovely child! It certainly doesn't take two redheads to make a redhead. Bot of my parents are brunette. :-)