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Mar 26, 2010

Redhead #6 - I got my red hair from my Grandma!

It seems that when you are a little redhead, adults like to comment on your hair. Actually it happens at almost any age. When Maren was little, people would ask her “Where did you get your red hair?” Needless to say, you ask any child that question; the answer will be spontaneous and off the cuff.
Maren would thank that questioner or she would reply that “I got it from my Grandma!” Usually parents help their little red locks with an answer. It makes it easier for the child to answer such a tough and persistent question. Some little redheads like Maren, are perturbed being called “Redhead”. That is such a silly designation. Don’t you know, “I have orange hair”? In fact, that is the name Maren's friends call her “My orange head friend”.
Maren also reported she was called “Carrot top” in the second grade. She was perplexed at that name at that time in her life. At 12, she said she’d look at the questioner and proclaim, “Carrot tops are Green”.
So if you meet a person with red hair, don’t bother asking those silly questions or call these very insult attuned individual s these dumb names. They’ve heard it more times than you can imagine.


  1. What a great site! I'd be honored to post my story here, with a link to my favorite RH's site. Matt Rigg is a very talented artist, and I'm just waiting on a picture from him. Talk to ya soon!

  2. Will,

    Thank you for your comment and reaction to my site. If you know of any other redheads, encourage them to become a follower, a Red Friend or come to Seattle to be a part of my book. Have a happy red day. Anne Lindsay

  3. I am one of five children (now all middle-aged). All of us had red hair, like our father. My mother was a brunette. She would be stopped in public places and asked about her relationship to us kids. Once, when we were traveling as a family in Europe, somebody stopped us, and though we were expecting the usual comment about so many redheads, they caught us off guard and remarked how unusual it was to see an entire family who wore glasses! When all of us kids were out playing in the neighborhood after dinner, my dad would call us all home to bed by shouting "all redheads come home." We were the only ones on the block. It has always been part of my identity.